Transforming Roof Access with Aluminium Step Systems

Navigating the vertical landscape of buildings for maintenance, installations, or simply to enjoy a view has its challenges. However, with Ampliform’s innovative Aluminium Step Systems, accessing rooftops has become safer, easier, and more efficient than ever before.

The Evolution of Roof Access

Traditionally, roof access options have been limited to bulky steel or concrete stairs, which, while sturdy, come with their own set of limitations including weight, corrosion, and difficult installation processes. Ampliform has revolutionized this landscape by introducing an aluminium-based solution that balances durability with ease of use and installation.

Why Aluminium?

Aluminium’s sterling qualities shine brightest when employed in creating access solutions such as step overs, step-ups, and stairs. Here’s a breakdown of what makes our Aluminium Step Systems stand out:

Good Mechanical/Structural Properties

Aluminium alloys are celebrated for their excellent structural qualities. They are workable, weldable, bendable, and heat treatable with high specific strength. These attributes allow our step systems to support considerable weight without compromising on design flexibility.

Lightweight Design

Weighing one-third of steel, aluminium presents an ideal option for rooftop applications and suspended corridors where weight reduction is crucial. This lightweight nature facilitates easier handling, transportation, and installation.

Corrosion Resistant

Unlike many metals, aluminium thrives in outdoor environments. Its natural ability to generate a protective oxide layer shields it from corrosion. This self-repairing feature ensures that even when scratched, the aluminium step system retains its integrity over time, reducing maintenance needs and prolonging the life of the installation.

Customizable Solutions

Our step systems are not just one-size-fits-all; they are designed to cater to diverse requirements and architectural designs. From the ground to the rooftop, we tailor our solutions to fit your specific access needs, ensuring seamless integration into your building’s aesthetic and functional blueprint.

Sustainable Security

Beyond its immediate advantages, aluminium is also an environmentally friendly choice. Being endlessly recyclable without degradation, it aligns with the global push towards sustainability. This, coupled with its innate durability, means that choosing aluminium step systems translates into long-term savings and contributes to a smaller ecological footprint.

Application Scope

Our Aluminium Step Systems find their place in a wide array of scenarios. Whether it’s facilitating roof pitch access, navigating over structural obstructions, ducting, or changes in levels, our solutions ensure safety, ease, and efficiency. They are an ideal alternative in settings where traditional materials fall short, either due to environmental challenges or design limitations.

As industry leaders in aluminium fabrication, Ampliform continues to break new ground with solutions that transform how we think about building access. Our step systems embody our commitment to innovation, safety, and environmental responsibility.

Interested in learning how our Aluminium Step Systems can elevate your access solutions? Contact us at info@ampliform.co.za or armand@ampliform.co.za.

Reimagine roof access with Ampliform – where engineering meets excellence.

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