The growth in the use of aluminium in industrial, commercial and domestic projects continues.

New and innovative applications for aluminium are being introduced continually. This bodes well for the South African aluminium industry as our per capita consumption of aluminium is way below that of our main trading partners.

The development of aluminium alloys has ensured that the new age metal is capable of being used in more and more ways. From windows and doors to jets and space craft, aluminium has a roll to play.

Our main source of aluminium at Ampliform is Hulamin, a JSE listed South African company based in Pietermaritzburg. This world class facility ensures we are able to produce products that can stand the test of time.

Aluminium is light weight, approximately one third the mass of mild steel, it is highly resistant to corrosion and it is 100% recyclable making is a great ‘green’ material choice.

Our Ampliform Process requires us to use Aluminium Alloy 6063 whose typical properties are given below. These propertied are extracted with permission from the Aluminium Federation of South Africa from their publication ‘ Introduction to Aluminium’.

Aluminium alloy
Aluminium alloy


The Ampliform manufacturing process is the process we use to manufacture the expanded aluminium products.

The process requires the use of and aluminium extrusion, alloy 6063 in condition F. The extrusion is passed through a purpose made machine the punches slots, alternately positioned, in predetermined positions along the length of the extrusion. After ‘slotting’ the extrusion is expanded, ‘stretched’, to the required width.

By using different extrusions and different cutters we are able to produce a variety of products with various patterns.

Slotting machine
Stretching machine