Aluminium Access Ladders

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Aluminium Cat Ladder


Extruded Aluminium Ladders


Roof Ladder &  Catladder

Our aluminium Access Ladder System takes pride in its rigid design and lightweight, which is convenient during fabrication, easy for installation and is maintenance free.

Our Cat ladder system is engineered for a safe but simple integrated design, which are fabricated in shorter individual lengths that can be later assembled on site to the required total length. Mounting feet, which are easily bolted to the frame and wall on site, form the complete ladder system. This segmented design also facilitates ease of packaging and delivery, as the sections can be flat packed for transit hence reducing transport costs and the risk of damage.

Our ladder systems are structurally engineered to ensure a solid, sturdy ladder. The riser consists of either a profiled rung or flat step, to provide excellent grip while climbing the ladders, which is essential for safety. Our ladder system designs can include various features like cages, optional handrail system, optional lockable gate, and optional mesh around the cage, all for extra security.

These Ladder systems can be used on roof tops, access along the wall up to the roof or where external access to the roof is obstructed.

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Aluminium Access Ladder
Aluminium Step Ladder
Aluminium Step Ladder