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Aluminium products

A Versatile Material


Aluminium is a part of our every day life, we sometimes do not even realise it. You may even be reading this article on a device with an aluminium body! Aluminium finds it’s way into products ranging from consumer goods to consumer goods packaging, from transport bodies to luxury goods, from furniture to overhead electricity cables, and many more. Aluminium combines beauty and practicality, making is a successful material in a wide range of applications. Aluminium designers and engineers continually improve aluminium alloys and aluminium finishes. This continual improvement allows for the successful replacement of other materials with aluminium. Designers are choosing aluminium because it gives them the freedom to create products that are easy to process and aesthetically pleasing. For many, the 100% recyclability of aluminium plays an important roll in their decisions. Products designed using aluminium are wide and varies and include: Electronic Goods; Audio and Video Equipment; Bicycles; Cars; Aeroplanes; Sporting Goods; Window Frames; Walkways; Ladders – you name it, aluminium engineers can probably make it!




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