Aluminium Platforms

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aluminium platform


Aluminium Grating Platforms


Platforms form an important role in our lives. Platforms are required for:

  • Creating storage areas
  • Creating viewing areas
  • Creating resting areas
  • Creating working areas

Where weight or corrosion are an issue aluminium provides a simple solution. Aluminium is 1/3rd the weight of steel, this means a higher load can be carried for any given situation. Aluminium is a corrosion resistant material so when installing outside or in moist areas, aluminium is a great choice.

A typical cost comparison between mill finished aluminium and galvanised mild steel will prove the there is not a huge difference. Therefore, when considering the reduced maintenance costs of aluminium, the life cycle costs of aluminium make it a very attractive proposition.

Extruded aluminium sections, under the correct design conditions, will perform in the same manner as any other material. AMPLIGRIP aluminium floor grating, when designed into platform installations becomes very viable. With the correct support structure, aluminium installations make great alternatives, at affordable prices.

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Aluminium platform
Working Platform
Aerial platform