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Amplibeam – Expanded Aluminium Beam

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Amplibeams are aluminium alloy structural I beams. Amplibeams are produced using the Ampliform process whereby and aluminium extrusion is firstly slotted and then stretched to create a product.

The extrusion design is critical, but the expanding process is the magic. Before expanding the flanges of the I beam are to close together to do enough work when in tension or compression. Through expanding a lattice is created in the web that allows the rectangular or channel shaped flanges to move further away from the centroid, allowing the beam to do more work. The net effect is the creation of an I beam that has an extremely high strength to weight ratio.

Our unique structural design makes use of all the attributes of aluminium with our engineers designing free spanning roof trussed up to 45m wide.

Other advantages of the Amplibeam are:

  • It is light weight
    • This attribute of aluminium allows the beams to be used in applications where weight is an issue due either to the
      • Ground bearing capability of the Installed environment
      • Transportation or erecting limitations
      • Being added to structures not able to carry heavy additional loads
    • It is corrosion resistant
      • Exposure to the elements are not an issue with aluminium
    • It can be anodised or powder coated

Amplibeams have found their way into a wide variety of structural applications including:

  • Building structures
    • Both permanent and temporary structures
    • Bulk storage
    • Reservoir roofs
    • Swimming pool enclosures
    • Aircraft hangars
  • Bridges
    • Pedestrian bridges
    • Agitator bridges (Waste water works)
    • Walkway supports
  • Façade support members
  • Sign structures
  • And many more

For technical information such as section properties and sizes please visit the Ampliform website.

For previous project details please visit Rapid Roofing Solutions or our Amplibeam fabrication web page.

Amplibeam - Expanded aluminium beam