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Aluminium floor grating


Expanded Aluminium Floor Grating


Ampligrip is an expanded aluminium alloy floor grating.

Specialized aluminium alloys are tough and durable. Added to their other attributes of light weight and corrosive resistance they are ideal in a wide range of industrial and commercial open floor grating applications.

Ampligrip is easy to work with when fabricating and although aluminium can offer a complete support solution, Ampligrip may be combined with mild steel support frames where required. This makes for a workable combination of strength and light weight. Care must be taken to isolate the bare mild steel and aluminium as corrosion may take place between the two materials. A simple isolating layer of hot dipped zinc coating on the mild steel or a layer of bitumen is usually sufficient. If the atmosphere is particularly aggressive a nylon insulator may be used. In these cases expert opinion should be sought.

Aluminium flooring is suitable in a wide range of applications, particularly outdoor installations. Its light weight reduces loading conditions and makes installation a whole lot easier.

Aluminium can be worked using most standard workshop machinery making modifications and additions relatively easy.

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