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Amplimesh Screens


Expanded Aluminium Mesh


Amplimesh is an expanded aluminium mesh product. Amplimesh is manufactured from high strength aluminium alloy making it durable and strong. Being aluminium, it enjoys the attributes of lightness and corrosion resistance, both characteristics that make it ideally suited to external and internal installations.

Amplimesh finds numerous applications in the construction industry, both commercial and domestic. It has also been used in many industrial applications.

Amplimesh is easy to fabricate and is often welded. It can also be powder coated or anodised to suit any aesthetic requirement.

Amplimesh is manufactured by Ampliform in Pietermaritzburg , South Africa, from where it is distributed throughout the region. In addition, stock of the products is held in Pietermaritzburg, so delivery periods are kept to a minimum. The stock is held in mill finish aluminium which allows customers the ability to choose whatever colour they require.

Ampliform carry a range of aluminium extrusions that enable Amplimesh to be mounted with ease. These extrusions can be placed around the Amplimesh to form frames that can in turn be fixed to a wide selection of materials (other aluminium sections, steel structures, brick work, concrete, etc.)

Amplimesh finds regular use as:

  • Security gates and access control cages
  • Internal partitioning and screens
  • Bird and animal proofing
  • Gutter leaf and hail guards
  • Air vents and fan covers

For more information on the uses please follow the links attached.

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Balcony Enclosure
Amplimesh Security Gate
Amplimesh Bird Proofing

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    Hi please send us some info on your Amplimesh. We require something ultralight in 1500mmx500mm sizes.


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