AMPLIGRIP – Expanded Aluminium Flooring

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Ampligrip is an expanded aluminium floor grating.

Ampligrip finds it way into a wide variety of industrial and commercial flooring applications due to the attributes of aluminium.

Ampligrip is manufactured using an aluminium alloy extrusion. The extrusion is processed through a slotting machine that punches holes at predetermined intervals into it, it is then stretched wider to form the flooring panel. A stock panel of Ampligrip floor grating is 600mm wide x 6m long.

Aluminium and therefore Ampligrip, is equally at home in internal or external application. It resistance to corrosion make it ideal for access and maintenance walkways and platforms. It is light weight, thereby reducing the load imposed on any support structure. When correctly engineered it can be paired with aluminium, galvanised steel, timber or any other material that may be used in the support structure.

Ampligrip can be easily cut to size and welded to form any specific shape. It is available in 3 different section depths to allow for a variety of load carrying requirements.

Ampligrip is manufactured in South Africa by Ampliform. It is distributed throughout the Southern African region.

Ampligrip aluminium floor grating