Roof Grip – Versatile Floor Grating Options

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Roof Grip is a versatile floor grating product as proved while satisfying the access needs at the Durban City Hall

Ethikweni Municipality recently carried out renovations to the Durban City Hall. The plant room outside and on top of the roof area required access. This access needed to be up to and then over the new roof area. The roof pitch was too steep for a standard RoofGrip product so the product needed to be modified and adapted to suit the application.

A standard aluminium access walkway section was manufactured using a combination of the Amplibeam structural member as the stringer and Ampligrip expanded aluminium grating as the flooring, to approach the roof area. A ‘step ladder’ access walkway was designed also using the Amplibeam ALB 200 as the stringer with Ampligrip treads to allowed access to the apex of the roof. Along the apex another specially designed walkway, again using an Amplibeam ALB 200 as a stringer, was manufactured to give the walkway enough height to allow the walkway to clear across the apex of the roof without damaging the ridge capping. The ALB 200 distributed the loads imposed by the workmen perfectly across the roof sheets to ensure no damage is caused to the roof sheets or the structure.

This achieved satisfying the client and has lead to the easy maintenance and cleaning of the plant in the plant room.

All the walkways sections required handrails because of the pitch of the roof and the subsequent height of the walkways. Alifab used its standard aluminium handrail system in the project as it is simple and cost-effective.