Introducing the Revolutionary RG300: The Future of Rooftop Accessibility

For over three decades, Alifab has been at the forefront of innovative construction, producing robust, lightweight, and maintenance-free aluminium walkways. Our flagship Roof Grip Walkways, designed by engineers at a width of 600mm, not only fulfill but exceed both local and international regulations, as well as SHE requirements for maintenance pathways.

As industries evolve, particularly with the burgeoning rooftop solar projects, we’ve kept pace by continuously refining our products to meet and anticipate market needs. Our adaptation has led to the creation of more compact options such as the 400mm model and our latest advancement – the economical 300mm Solar Grip walkway, designed specifically for areas where space is a premium.

Safeguarding Your Investment

With a rise in requests for walkway installations on existing solar platforms, property owners are recognizing the importance of protecting their roofing from the wear and tear of increased rooftop traffic. Alifab rises to this challenge by offering a solution that not only safeguards the roof surface but also ensures the safety of those who traverse it.

Quality Meets Innovation

Proudly South African, our products are crafted using only the best local materials. In close collaboration with major roofing manufacturers, Alifab has developed a unique clamping and bracket system that has received their stamp of approval, ensuring that new roof installations are protected by warranty without exception.

Beyond Walkways

Alifab’s expertise extends into a comprehensive range of bespoke aluminium solutions:

  • Roof and Cat Ladders: Engineered for easy access with uncompromising safety.
  • Ridge-Cap Step-Overs: Effortlessly surmounting obstacles for smooth transit.
  • Step-Ups and Gutter Bridges: Navigating height differences and water channels with ease.
  • Cable Trays, Racking: Organizing and protecting crucial wiring systems.
  • Inverter Equipment Cages: Safeguarding essential solar equipment from the elements and unauthorized access.
  • At Alifab, our commitment is to deliver top-tier products that blend quality, safety, and sophistication in construction solutions.

Explore our world of possibilities and discover how we can elevate the safety and functionality of your rooftop space. Contact us at info@ampliform.co.za or armand@ampliform.co.za

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