Aluminium Beams

Discover the revolutionary Amplibeam, the expanded aluminium beams that blend exceptional durability with lightweight versatility. Engineered using the proprietary AMPLIFORM process, these beams are poised to transform the way you approach structural challenges.

Unmatched Strength, Endless Possibilities

Why Choose Amplibeam?

  • Unprecedented Design
    Our unique manufacturing method starts with high-quality aluminium alloy extrusions. Precise slots are punched in preset positions and then expanded to exact specifications for strength and consistency.
  • Standard Sizes for Every Need
    Choose from our range of standard sizes:
  • ALB 200: 200mm depth x 50mm width, up to 6m in length
  • ALB 365: 365mm depth x 50mm width, up to 6m in length
  • ALB 475: 475mm depth x 75mm width, up to 6m in length
  • High-Quality Material
    Constructed from Aluminium Alloy 6063 in Condition T6 for unbeatable performance.
Multifaceted Applications

Wide Range of Applications:

Roofing structures

Building lightweight, strong, and corrosion-resistant roofs for industrial, commercial, and residential projects.

Bridge construction

Utilizing as stringers or supports in the creation of pedestrian bridges, light vehicle bridges or viewing platforms.

Mezzanine floors

Designing durable and weight-efficient mezzanine flooring structures for warehouses, offices, or retail spaces.

Solar panel mounting systems

Creating sturdy solar panel frameworks that can withstand wind and weather while staying lightweight.

Infrastructure projects

Incorporating in the construction of railway platforms, or highway signage structures, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Outdoor stages

Crafting outdoor performance stages with corrosion resistance and minimal maintenance requirements.

Stadium canopies

Employing in the creation of lightweight, yet strong canopy structures for sports arenas and stadiums.

Transit shelters

Developing durable, corrosion-resistant bus shelters, bike sheds, and other transit structures.

Marine gangways

Implementing in marine environments, like utilizing them in constructing gangways and access platforms.

Advertising Billboards

Building large, lightweight billboards that reduce weight loading while maintaining structural integrity.

Tailored to Your Needs

AMPLIBEAMS can be joined by welding, bolting, riveting or any other method provided suitable design criteria are applied. We offer a range of AMPLIBEAMS and bolted 4 and 2 way H connectors that are suitable for various applications.

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