Amplimesh Expanded Aluminium Mesh

Amplimesh offers unique, durable and lightweight Expanded Aluminium Mesh. Created through the unique AMPLIFORM process, we punch precise slots in aluminium alloy extrusions and then stretch them to desired width creating a versatile, durable product.

Available in custom lengths and widths, Amplimesh caters to a myriad of screen and access control applications.

Your Versatile Solution

Why Choose Amplimesh?

  • Durable
    Crafted to withstand various conditions, ensuring a long lifespan.
  • Corrosion-Resistant
    Amplimesh’s anti-corrosive properties prevent material degradation, perfect for outdoor and high-moisture applications.
  • Lightweight
    Despite its strength, our aluminium mesh remains light, allowing for easy handling and installation.
  • Easily Fabricated
    Amplimesh can be moulded or cut to fit a wide range of applications.
  • Finish Options
    Available with anodised, powder-coated, or mill finish options to fulfil aesthetic or functional needs.
Multifaceted Applications

Wide Range of Applications:

Security screens

Due to its robust and durable nature, Amplimesh can be used to create security screens for doors and windows in both residential and commercial settings.


Utilized in creating strong and aesthetically pleasing fencing solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial premises.


Ideal for creating sturdy, lightweight, and rust-resistant gates.


Amplimesh can be used to build low-maintenance, durable balustrades for stairs, balconies, or terraces.

Ventilation grills

Amplimesh makes an excellent material for ventilation grills, offering a balance between airflow and security.

Walkways and ramps

It’s an ideal choice for making slip-resistant walkways and ramps.

Sun screens

The mesh can provide effective sun screening for buildings and other structures.

Machine guards

Amplimesh can be utilized in industrial settings to fabricate machine guards, enhancing worker safety.


The uniform, square pattern of Amplimesh also makes it suitable for filtration applications.

Ceiling panels

Due to its aesthetic appeal and durability, it can be used in architectural design elements such as ceiling panels.


Amplimesh can be used in signage, providing a unique and eye-catching presentation.

Farm fencing

The durability and easy maintenance make Amplimesh a good choice for constructing farm fences.

Tailored to Your Needs

AMPLIMESH is a versatile EXPANDED ALUMINIUM MESH product. It is available in a variety of sizes and is suitable for internal or external use. Amplimesh can be used in almost any mesh application.

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