Ampligrip Aluminium Floor Grating

Experience the Ultimate in Strong, Lightweight, and Corrosion-Resistant Flooring Solutions.
Our innovative product offers unparalleled performance, safety, and durability, tailored for an array of applications.

The Ideal Solution for Your Flooring Needs

Why Choose Ampligrip?

  • Minimal Maintenance
    With an open grid design and durable construction, Ampligrip grating reduces cleaning time and resists weather-related wear and tear.
  • Safety First
    Ampligrip’s textured surface provides excellent slip resistance, enhancing safety in varied conditions.
  • Tailored to Your Needs
    With several colors, materials, and finishes on offer, Ampligrip grating can be customized to suit individual project specifications.
  • Lightweight Yet Durable
    Despite its lightweight design, Ampligrip’s strength-to-weight ratio is impressive, providing robust performance and easy installation.
  • Eco-friendly Choice
    Made from recyclable materials and with a design that allows for natural light and air circulation, Ampligrip grating is a sustainable solution.
Multifaceted Applications

Wide Range of Applications:

Commercial and Industrial Walkways

Elevate the safety and functionality of your workplace with Ampligrip’s grating, designed to provide a stable and durable surface capable of withstanding heavy foot traffic and industrial operations.

Rooftop Access Points

Ensure secure and reliable access to rooftop areas with our lightweight yet robust grating systems, facilitating maintenance, HVAC installations, and emergency egress routes without compromising on building integrity.

Architectural Accents

Incorporate a modern aesthetic into your architectural designs using Ampligrip grating for attractive façade elements, screening features, or creatively designed sun shades that blend safety with style.

Safety Barriers and Fences

Create defined areas and protective enclosures that guard against accidents while offering high visibility and airflow. Ampligrip’s resilient materials ensure longevity even in demanding environments.

Machine Infill Panels

Safeguard machinery and personnel with our custom-cut infill panels that fit seamlessly into your equipment, offering protection without inhibiting operational visibility or heat dissipation.

Ventilation Grates

Optimize airflow and prevent debris accumulation with Ampligrip’s grating solutions for ventilation systems. Suitable for commercial, industrial, or residential ventilation requirements, our covers combine performance with clean-lined aesthetics.

Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you need small sections or large formats, AMPLIGRIP caters to all your needs. Available in up to 6m long single panels, we can custom-cut it to suit any layout. Plus, it comes in three different bearer bar sizes (Type 201, Type 202, and Type 203), enhancing its adaptability for various load applications.

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