Optimizing Animal Care with Ampliform Aluminium Cages and Kennels

When it comes to the care and housing of animals, whether pets or wildlife, the primary concerns are always safety, comfort, and hygiene. Recognizing these needs, our team at Ampliform has engineered a solution that not just meets but exceeds these requirements – our advanced Aluminium Cages and Kennels.

Why Choose Aluminium?

Aluminium’s unique properties make it an excellent choice for constructing animal cages and kennels. Let’s explore the reasons why:

Lightweight Yet Durable

Aluminium stands out for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. This makes our cages and kennels easy to move and reposition, catering to various needs while ensuring they are robust enough to provide secure housing for animals.


Unlike other materials that oxidize or corrode when exposed to elements over time, aluminium maintains its integrity. This resistance to rust means our cages can be cleaned regularly with common, animal-safe detergents, maintaining a hygienic environment for the animals.

Customizable Solutions

Our designs cater to a range of animals – from birds, reptiles, dogs, cats, even to wildlife. Available in single or multi-animal configurations, they combine sturdy aluminium plates and mesh to offer protection, security, and essential ventilation. While typically left mill-finished for durability, they can also be powder-coated to suit specific aesthetic needs or preferences.

Mobility and Security

Flexibility in use is key — our cages can be stationary or equipped with wheels for easy mobility. Each cage features door latches, which can be made lockable upon request, ensuring the animals’ safety and security.

Designed to Your Specifications

At Ampliform, we understand that every animal care scenario is unique. That’s why we welcome your input to tailor a solution that perfectly fits your needs. Whether you require a bespoke creation or prefer a standard product, our team is committed to delivering excellence.

We invite you to connect with us today to explore how our Aluminium Cages and Kennels can enhance your animal care setup. Together, let’s create a safe, comfortable, and clean habitat for the animals you cherish or care for.

For more information on our innovative solutions, contact us at info@ampliform.co.za or armand@ampliform.co.za.

Your choice in Ampliform doesn’t just guarantee a product but a promise of unparalleled quality and care in every creation.

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