Discover the Versatility of Aluminium Handrails by Alifab

Ensuring sturdy and reliable handrail systems is crucial for any commercial, domestic, or industrial space. At Alifab, our Aluminium Handrail System is expertly crafted to combine lightweight design with exceptional durability and versatility, providing a maintenance-free solution that withstands the test of time.

Why Choose Alifab’s Aluminium Handrails?

Our Aluminium Handrail Systems are more than just barriers for safety; they are adaptable installations perfect for various applications. They are not only rust-free and require minimal maintenance but also offer diverse mounting options to suit any project needs.

Flexible Mounting Options for Every Project

Whether you require flat-mounted, side-mounted, or cast-in handrails, our systems are compatible with an array of surfaces including concrete, aluminium, steel, wood, or any composite material. You can opt for bolted positioning for easy installation or choose welding for an all-aluminium substructure – the choice is yours.

A Broad Range of Applications

The versatility of our handrail systems has led to their implementation across a multitude of sectors. From safety railings around rooftop access points and walkway protections to barriers for elevated platforms and industrial settings, our systems are tailored to meet diverse industry demands.

Complementary to Roof Access and Walkway Systems

With the burgeoning necessity for convenient and safe rooftop access—especially for maintenance of solar panels and other roof-mounted equipment—our handrails provide the perfect companion to most roofing sheet profiles, securing perimeters and protecting against falls.

Ready to Enhance Your Space with Custom Handrails?

Our tailored solutions ensure that no matter the complexity or design preference of your project, safety and aesthetics go hand in hand. For a bespoke aluminium handrail system that addresses all your safety concerns with elegance, reach out to us at sales@alifab.co.za or explore our offerings at www.alifab.co.za.

Transform your space with the strength and style of Alifab’s Aluminium Handrails.

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