Innovative Aluminium Ladders and Steps for Enhanced Durability

At Ampliform, we understand the necessity of reliable, long-lasting, and maintenance-free access solutions. Our aluminum ladders and steps are engineered to provide superior durability and safety, ensuring your maintenance and subcontractor teams have secure and efficient access to roof areas.

Unparalleled Strength and Ease of Installation

Designed to withstand the test of time, our aluminium ladders are perfect for mounting on concrete, brick, or sheeting-clad walls, showcasing versatility in application. The durability of our ladders means they will outlast other materials, negating the need for frequent replacements or repairs.

Customized for Your Unique Requirements

Each ladder is bespoke designed to suit the specific site conditions of your project. Whether it’s navigating overhangs or avoiding other structural obstructions, our tailored solutions ensure the perfect fit for your needs.

Safety and Security Upgrades

We offer enhanced features for added safety and security. Our ladders can be equipped with lockable entrance gates and mesh cladding to prevent unauthorized access to rooftop areas. Safety should never be a concern when it comes to high-access areas, and our additional features provide peace of mind.

Introducing Elevated Comfort and Safety

For tall structures, we provide split ladders with intermediate step-off platforms. These features enable safe dismounting at the top and offer resting points during ascent, ensuring users can climb confidently and comfortably.

Efficient Transportation and Assembly

Understanding the logistics challenges involved with bulky equipment, our longer ladders come in a convenient kit form. This ensures easy transport and facilitates hassle-free on-site assembly.

Versatile “Ship” Type Ladders

Our range also includes inclined “ship” type ladders, an ideal solution for tiered roof access where angled ascent is most appropriate.

For all your customized ladder requirements, trust the engineering expertise of Ampliform. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our sales and engineering team for consultation and advice tailored to your project’s needs.

Visit our websites for further information on how we can elevate the functionality of your high-access solutions:

  • Roofgrip Access Systems
  • Alifab

Or get in touch directly at sales@alifab.co.za to discuss how we can assist in making your space safer and more accessible.

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