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Fabricated aluminium


General fabrication of various products in aluminium.

Fabricating with aluminium is not difficult, it is different! Aluminium can be cut, drilled, ground, welded, bent, almost every fabricating process available.


Aluminium is becoming a lot more popular as its unique set of properties afford it many advantages. Aluminium is one third the weight of steel giving it a high strength to weight ratio. Aluminium is easy to work. It has great corrosion resistance properties and is 100% recyclable which makes it a “green” metal. Aluminium is a great thermal and electrical conductor.

Aluminium is available in various alloys that afford it a variety of properties. Understanding and choosing the right aluminium alloy, as with steel alloys, is very important step in the process of designing a product in aluminium.

Aluminium is easily anodised or powder coated giving it a wide range of colour finishes.

There are a few simple rules to follow when designing products in aluminium and following these rules enables aluminium to be fabricated into almost any product.

At Alifab we have been fortunate enough to have been involved in a wide variety of aluminium fabrications that included:

  • Architectural features
  • Structural frame works
  • Industrial sub-assemblies
  • Industrial products
  • Commercial products
  • And many more

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Aluminium Fabrication
Aluminium fabrication
Aluminium fabrication
Fabricated aluminium