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Expanded aluminium walkways


Alifab have been producing robust, light weight, maintenance free, Aluminium walkways for over to 30 years now. Our Roof Grip Walkways are engineer designed at 600mm wide and comply with local and international regulations and SHE requirements for maintenance walkways.

Over the years our philosophy has been to always have an open mind to continuous improvement and development.
In recent years, with the increase in roof top solar projects, we have developed our walkways to meet market demands for a narrower walkway to fit areas where space is limited, firstly with our 400mm option, and of late our economical 300mm Solar Grip option.

All of these developments have been engineered in line with our constant strive for producing a quality, robust and safe product while satisfying the demands of both the Solar company and the end user.

Of late there has been increasing requests for walkways to be installed on existing solar installations, this has been driven by property owners wishing to better protect their roofing against the increased roof top traffic.

As a locally produced product we use the highest quality Soutn African produced materials available, and working closely with the major roofing manufacturers, we have developed a clamping and bracket system that is approved by them, thus avoiding any potential warranty issues on new roof installations.

Having worked with many solar companies over the past decade we have also broadened our offering to the market to include our range of bespoke Aluminium roof and cat ladders allowing easy and safe access, ridge-cap step-overs, step-ups and gutter bridges as well as cable trays, cable racking and inverter equipment cages.

For more information please visit our website at or Or you can call our factory on 033 386 9291 or Richard on 072 303 6668.

Aluminium walkway