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Aluminium Mobile Kennels


Aluminium Bodied – Light – Durable


Aluminium is a great material for use in animal cages. It is durable and light weight. Because it does not easily rust it can be cleaned regularly with common detergents that are not harmful to the animals.

Designs suitable for single or multi animal configurations are available. The cages combine aluminium plate and aluminium mesh giving them protection, security and ventilation. The aluminium is normally left mill finished but can be powder coated to suit your specific needs.

Cages may be used in a stationary application or can be made mobile, with or without the addition of wheels. Door latches are included, these may be made lockable if required.

Aluminium cages are suitable for : 

  • Birds
  • Reptiles
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Even wild life!

We welcome you input to ensure your needs are met. We manufacture to order or a standard product may be requested. Call us today to purchase your animal cage.

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