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Aluminium is well known for a good variety of properties, with the lightweight being one of the properties that keeps Aluminium set apart from other metals. Although aluminium gates are not as heavy as steel ones, they are still just as sturdy, and this quality comes especially handy with gate and door systems.

This lightweight property doesn’t go alone, aluminium has an incredible combination of, mechanical strength, aesthetic beauty, ease of fabrication and handling.                                                                                           This combination of attributes creates an overall balance, making aluminium a useful and versatile material for a wide range of applications. Access and Security Gate Systems are just some of the products that benefit a great deal from the use of this metal.

Aluminium Gate Systems are therefore the ideal choice for many homeowners and businesses, as they deliver excellent all-round performance, with exceptional strength and good anti-corrosion properties. Aluminium offers greatly reduced life cycle costs which is great for a product that is used on an “every minute” day to day basis.

Aluminium’s malleability not only allows Gate to provide safety and security but it also makes it easy for sophisticated artistic designs to be applied. This is essential when ensuring a welcoming and friendly air for visitor to homes and businesses alike.

Another great property of aluminium is its recycling ability. Unlike many other metals, Aluminium can be recycled many times without any detrimental effect on its mechanical properties. Considered a green metal, 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today!

So, for strength, lightness, aesthetics, environmentally friendly and long-term cost saving, Aluminium is a great metal to consider for your Gate and Alifab has a range of Security Gate Systems to offer you. We  fabricate standard products but can also manufacture customised products to suit the design of your choice.


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