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Aluminium Bridge


Aluminium Bridges


Our Bridges are manufactured from aluminium extrusions (I-beam, hollow sections), designed to suit the specified sizes. Aluminium is a versatile material mostly for its strength to weight ratio and corrosion resistant properties.

With corrosion being one of the major causes of deterioration of structural elements in the outdoors, it is therefore the principal factor responsible for a large majority of structural failures.

Our Aluminium Bridges are therefore a great solution for outdoor use, in coastal areas and areas of high corrosion.

The light weight of aluminium enables for the material to be used in applications even where weight is an issue. This light weight facilitates prefabrication allowing easy transportation of large assembly elements which can be flat packed for re-assembled on site. This is a huge advantage in the case of bridge reconstruction.

Our bridge design comes with optional handrails/bridge railings, which can be install on one or both sides of the bridge, offering safeguard while crossing over.

Our bridges can be manufactured to suit various applications including agitator bridges for sewage plants and access bridges for water treatment plants.

Our aluminium bridge designs also include ‘Ampligrip’ – an expanded aluminium floor grating, which ensures safe passage with its anti-slip properties.

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Pedestrian Bridge
Aluminium bridge
Pedestrian bridge