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Aluminium Step Solutions


Our Aluminium Step Systems have a variety in range making them suitable for different applications, to create an overall easy and safe building envelope access, the range includes but is not limited to; Roof steps, Step overs, Step ups. These allow for access up a roof pitch, over piping, structural obstructions, ducting, level changes etc.

Our Step overs, Step ups and Stairs are a great alternative to the typical steel or concrete stairs. Manufactured from aluminium with Good Mechanical/Structural Properties and with it’s incredible Lightweight and Corrosion resistance properties, the designs and applications are endless, from the ground to the roof top, literally.

Good Mechanical/Structural Properties, aluminium alloys have good workability(weldable, bendable, heat treatable) and with high specific strength, which allows aluminium to be used in structural designs.

Lightweight, with aluminium’s weight being one third of the weight of steel, the material is ideal for rooftop applications, suspended corridors or where weight is an issue. Giving a product that is lightweight yet sturdy, which is great for handling, transportation, and installation.

Non-Corrosive, aluminium is a corrosion resistant metal that naturally generates a protective coating. The aluminium oxide layer helps protect the surface of the metal from corrosion by forming a hard external layer. This property is critical in outside and especially coastal locations and eliminates the need for expensive protective coatings in many applications. Additionally surface treatment such as painting, anodising, powder coating, are also available for aluminium to improve the overall corrosion resistance and for aesthetics.

Aluminium Step System can be design for custom purposes to suit various applications and the products are designed and fabricated with easy fixing methods.

Aluminium Step overs, Step ups and Stairs can offer considerable long-term cost savings because of the metal’s strength, handling, transportability, customization, and sustainability. The need for maintenance is also effectively eliminated because of aluminium’s natural oxide layer which is also self-repairing and will naturally re-form if the metal is scratched, keeping the product looking good for longer.

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