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Expanded aluminium


Ampligrip is an expanded aluminium floor grating. Ampligrip may be included in any design application where an open grate flooring is required. It is ideally suited to applications where its strongest attributes are a prerequisite i.e. lightness and corrosion resistance.

Ampligrip is manufactured using an aluminium extrusion. It is manufactured from aluminium alloy 6063 and supplied in the T6 condition which gives it substantial strength.

Ampligrip is available with 3 different bearer bar sizes. This enables the design engineers the ability to either alter the load carrying capacity or vary the structural bearer spacing to suit the particular application. Ampligrip can therefore be designed with either wider bearer spacings in the support structure for a given design load or with higher load carrying capabilities at a set bearer spacing.

Designs using aluminium require the same considerations as when designing with other materials. However, its deflection must be carefully considered as it will deflect more at a similar bearer spacing. Providing this is addressed during the design, aluminium floor grating can be applied in almost any flooring application.

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    Aluminium is such a wonderful construction material.

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